How can we help you to energize your most loyal audienceand optimize their support?


Audits &
Action Plan

Turn Numbersinto Strategies

Performance Assessments
& Strategic Planning

Define Impact &Valued Benefits

Organization-Wide Impact
& Benefit Analysis

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A Knowledgeable and Enthusiastic Staff
Is One of Your Strongest Assets

Audits & Action Plans

Your organization is one of a kind. Your unique mission, programming, and history are what convince your members to join. We work with you to create a step-by-step action plan that meets your distinctive needs and goals.

We start with getting to know YOU: your staff and leadership; your programs and offerings, your strengths and your challenges, and your goals and aspirations for membership fundraising.

We audit every material that reaches your current, former, and prospective members, your program’s visibility, visitor and member experiences, membership benefits and dues, plus back-of-house procedures and infrastructures to understand all the dynamics and organizational elements that influence your program.

Your customized action plan will reflect a holistic understanding of your program and your organization’s unique circumstances. Let us apply our experience to…

  • Evaluate your program’s effectiveness and efficiency in the context of your organization’s goals and influences, and in the framework of industry trends and best practices.

  • Create a step-by-step action plan to maximize your program’s growth and revenue.

Performance Assessments & Strategic Planning

The first rule of fundraising is to know your data. Let us help you understand the story your numbers tell and give you a data-informed road map of untapped opportunities, reimagined program structures, or new membership models for greater profitability and success.

Renewal rates. Upgrade trends. Conversion rates. Acquisition rates. Donor fatigue. The cost and lifetime value of each member.

You need real time understanding of all these metrics to attain your monthly goals, project annual revenue, and defend against budget cuts.

Let us take the deep dive into your data to evaluate your program’s performance, recommend best practices, identify key influences on your program’s growth and profitability, and provide you the measurement tools and training so that you can continue to sustain and understand your program’s performance.

We turn data into strategies, and give you the road map of short and long-term recommendations with data-driven growth projections and strategic next steps based on where you have been, and where you need to go.

Organization-Wide Impact & Benefit Analysis

The value of members to your organization doesn’t begin and end with a yearly accounting of membership dues revenue.

Members impact your visitorship and event attendance, which are key factors in influencing individual, governmental and foundation support. They are your most frequent shoppers, diners, and donors. All too often, due to a lack of integrated data, members’ true value is underestimated, and the role of membership is undervalued.

The value to members is defined by positive experiences beyond the membership desk.

The social experience of visiting with friends and family, the chance to meet like-minded people at lectures and events, the communal enjoyment of dining and shopping, even the “inside” information in e-mails and mailings build strong bonds with your organization.

Let us help you gain a holistic understanding of how members support your organization, and how your organization can work together to increase membership sales, satisfaction, and loyalty.

When members are first new, programs, policies, events, lobby signage and setup and educational opportunities are weighed with members and new member sales as a central focus.

Why Membership Matters

We profile members’ impact on your organization and the benefits that they use and value. We work with you to gather and integrate data. We determine the value of your members’ engagement and the return on your investment to acquire, service, and renew members. And we leverage this "hidden" value of membership to build understanding about why members are important, and to prioritize initiatives that will sustain and grow your membership base.

A Knowledgeable and Enthusiastic Staff Is One of Your Strongest Assets

Your front-line staff and volunteers inspire your organization’s visitors, members, and donors. We help you to build a team of membership ambassadors and move them from competence to confidence, and ultimately, to greater success.

We take the time to learn the culture of your organization. Working closely with development, visitor services, marketing and membership staff, as well as other organizational stake holders, we evaluate team strengths and identify skill and staffing deficits. We identify organizational road blocks and reveal untapped opportunities.

We learn the “touch points” of your members’ experiences using staff surveys, mystery visitor experiences, comment cards, online reviews and more. We draw on our combined 40 years of experience to give you keys to our time-tested guiding principles for operating a successful membership program.

We will collaboratively create a training plan that your organization feels excited about implementing. Along the way, we will provide the mentorship needed to encourage staff to keep fresh eyes and a data-driven perspective on your membership program for years to come. In addition, we will leave your organization with accurate historical data to ease future transitions, a set of tools to maintain reporting standards, and manageable, actionable steps to strengthen long-term successful outcomes.